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We believe in ethically delivered AI and in working in a way that creates a positive impact in society

Innovatiana founders conference

An Impact Sourcing model

We offer Data Labeling Outsourcing that makes sense and has impact!

We claim an Ethical Data Labeling Outsourcing model. We refuse the "crowdsourcing" approach proposed by most of our competitors. We invest in the development of our Malagasy employees to guarantee upskilling and continuity of the teams working on your Use Cases.

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Ethical outsourcing

We refuse the so-called"crowdsourcing" practices: we create stable and valued jobs to offer you Outsourcing that has meaning and impact as well as transparency about the origin of the Data used for AI.

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Competitive rates

We offer flexible conditions, for a pricing adapted to your stakes and to your means. We charge by the job (example: "label 50,000 images with bounding boxes"): no subscription, no set-up fees.

An inclusive model

We recruit our own team in Madagascar and train them in Data Processing and Labeling techniques for AI. We offer them a fair salary, good working conditions and career development opportunities.

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A brighter future

We want to contribute to the development of virtuous ecosystems in Madagascar (training, employment, local investments, etc.).

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Your Data secured

We pay particular attention to Data Security and Confidentiality. We assess the criticality of the Data you wish to entrust to us and deploy the best Information Security practices to protect it.

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The adoption of AI in Europe

We want to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence techniques in France and in Europe. We believe in ethically built AI and invest in our dedicated Data Labeling teams.

Meet the team !

Image co-founder CEO Innovatiana - Aïcha Camille Jo
Co-Founder & CEO (Paris & Mahajanga)

Aïcha has nearly 8 years of experience in Financial Services and has worked for major banks and FinTech. Aïcha is French & Malagasy and grew up in Madagascar where she knows the economic reality. She coordinates the development and operations of Innovatiana.

Co-founder CTO Innovatiana - Nicolas Demoulin
Co-Founder & Special Advisor (CTO)

Trained as an Engineer, Nicolas has over 10 years of experience in Information Systems and Software. He contributes as an Advisor to the development of Innovatiana's offer and its tools, as well as to the optimization of Labeling and Data Processing Services.

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Beatrice, Data Labeler

Beatrice works as a midwife. Innovatiana is a second source of income for her. Innovatiana also helps her to finance her studies (distance learning with the University of Laval in Canada and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Fianarantsoa in Madagascar). Beatrice works as a Data Labeler and has already completed several missions in the Fashion, Health and Real Estate industries.

Nanobaly, Senior Data Labeler

Nanobaly (we call him "Nanoo") was a medical student in Madagascar. The COVID-19 crisis led him to stop his studies while he wanted to continue them in Europe. Nanobaly joined Innovatiana as a Data Labeler and started working on simple tasks (data search, bounding box annotations, data cleaning). Today, he is working on several medical use cases, as part of a team of Data Scientists and Neurosurgeons at an American university. His work - which the team considers to be of very high quality - is used to train complex AI models that are revolutionizing medical practices!

Aldo, Data Labeler

Aldo works at Innovatiana in parallel to his studies in Computer Science. Innovatiana allows him to finance his projects and to discover the AI business, to put into practice what he learns in class.

Innovative AI products accelerated
Completed projects
Labeled objects (images, videos, texts)

Who are we?

Innovatiana is a French-Malagasy startup created in Levallois-Perret in 2022, specializing in the preparation and labeling of data for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its model is based on its own service center located in Majunga, in the North of Madagascar.

Innovatiana helps its clients, across all sectors, to prepare the massive data required to develop AI models or for the most complex or laborious technological processes.

Innovatiana, in Malagasy, could be translated as"we love innovation" or "we love technology " ("Innov" for innovation, and"Tiana" for love).

Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not. We want to contribute to repairing this injustice by creating jobs in Madagascar, with fair wages and ethical working conditions.

Outsourcing data labelling work to a low-income country is a responsibility: we are well aware of this at Innovatiana. We implement means to put the human and the ethics at the heart of your AI efforts!

Aïcha and Nicolas / Co-founders of Innovatiana
Innovatiana's office

You are talking about us

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Innovatiana is part of the 4th promotion of our impact gas pedal. Its model is based on positive impact outsourcing with a service center (or Labeling Studio) located in Majunga, Madagascar. Innovatiana focuses on the creation of local jobs in under-served or underserved areas and a transparency/valuation of working conditions!

Louise Block
Accelerator Program Coordinator

Several Data Labelers from the Innovatiana team are integrated full time into my team of surgeons and Data Scientists. All of them work together to build innovative AI products. I appreciate the expertise of the Innovatiana team, which has managed to provide me with a team of medical students with the knowledge of anatomy needed to prepare the quality data required to train my AI models.

Dan D.
Data Scientist and Neurosurgeon, Children's National

Innovatiana helps us perform data labeling tasks for our classification and text recognition models, which requires a thorough review of thousands of French real estate ads. The work provided is of high quality and the team is stable over time. The deadlines are clear as well as the level of communication. I will not hesitate to entrust Innovatiana with other similar tasks (Computer Vision, NLP, ...).

Tim Keynes
Chief Technology Officer, Fluximmo

Innovatiana is very helpful in reviewing our datasets to train our machine learning algorithms. The team is dedicated, reliable and always looking for solutions. I also appreciate the local dimension of the model, which allows me to interact with people who understand my needs and constraints. I highly recommend Innovatiana!

Henri Rion

I've worked with Innovatiana on a variety of labeling and data cleaning activities - work that requires rigor and must remain manual... because quality is key! What I appreciate most about Innovatiana is the assurance that my data is prepared ethically, by a Labeling Studio whose team works regular hours and is paid fairly!

Hamza Kohen
Head of Data Management, CAC 40 company
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We won't be stopped by one platform

We use several platforms on the market to adapt to your needs and your most specific requests!

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