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We make Data Preparation and Labeling easy in Financial Services

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly common tool in the Banking and Insurance industry (account management, fraud detection, chatbots). AI saves time and improves the efficiency of your Banking or Insurance processes.

Do you work in Financial Services (Banking / Insurance / Asset Management)?

We have sourced and labeled hundreds of thousands of images and text (transaction annotation) in the Banking and Insurance industries. This Data can be used to design chatbots to quickly answer customers' questions and provide them with financial advice or help them find the insurance products or bank accounts that best suit their needs.

Detection of fraudulent transactions

By combining Data Analysis and Machine Learning, it is possible to detect fraudulent transactions and unusual behavior on bank accounts. Banks can build products that allow them to analyze transactions on their customers' accounts in real time and detect suspicious activity. This can help prevent fraud and protect their customers' accounts!

Personalized advice thanks to chatbots

Chatbots have been democratized. They are increasingly used to quickly answer customers' questions and provide financial advice or information about banking products. This can help banks improve the customer experience and reduce their costs.

Recommendation systems

AI can be used to build recommender systems to help customers find banking products that best suit their needs. By analyzing customers' financial data and online behaviors, banks can recommend accounts, credit cards or loans that meet individual financial needs and goals.

Why choose Innovatiana?

Outsourcing that makes sense and has impact

We claim an ethical outsourcing model. We refuse the crowdsourcing proposed by most of our competitors. We invest in the development of our Malagasy employees to guarantee upskilling and continuity of the teams working on our clients' Use Cases

Ethical Outsourcing icon

Ethical outsourcing

We refuse the so-called"crowdsourcing" practices: we create stable and valued jobs to offer you Outsourcing that has meaning and impact as well as transparency about the origin of the Data used for AI.

An inclusive model

We recruit our own team in Madagascar and train them in Data Processing and Labeling techniques for AI. We offer them a fair salary, good working conditions and career development opportunities.

Proximity icon

A proximity management

All the tasks entrusted to us are steered by an English-speaking and French-speaking Manager: your privileged contact. He mobilizes a team of Data Labelers to meet your objectives, and proposes a realistic deadline.

Competitive rate icon

Competitive rates

We offer flexible conditions, for a pricing adapted to your stakes and to your means. We charge by the job (example: "label 50,000 images with bounding boxes"): no subscription, no set-up fees.

Our customers trust us

We support Banks and Insurance companies in compliance with regulatory constraints. Our value proposition is compatible with the ethical requirements for Data Preparation (EBA, AI Act, ...).

Our Data Labelers support our Financial Services clients in their KYC or financial statement annotation processes. This may involve annotating invoices to automate accounting reconciliations, for example.

We have set up semi-automatic processes: our Data Labelers intervene twice a month for our clients to check the results of an AI consisting of annotating hundreds of thousands of bank transactions.

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Fuel your AI models with High Quality Training Data!