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We make Data Preparation and Labeling easy in the Real Estate business!

Artificial intelligence is used for a multitude of applications in the Real Estate industry, from analyzing the sales or rental data produced every day, to optimizing the management of seasonal rentals.

Are you in the Real Estate business?

We have sourced and labeled hundreds of thousands of Real Estate listings (text search, semantic analysis, categorization) for the Real Estate industry. This Data can be used to design products that extract accurate information from Data that is unstructured by nature.

Real Estate Data Analysis

AI models can be used to analyze Real Estate Data such as sale prices and property characteristics (quantitative and qualitative), to enable Real Estate agents to evaluate properties more accurately, by navigating the mass of Real Estate information offered by the Internet (Open Data, data produced on real estate websites, ...) to extract information.

Rental Management

AI algorithms can be used to manage rental details, such as rent collection and maintenance issue resolution, which can help landlords manage their properties more efficiently.

Prediction of Seasonal Rental Demand

AI models can be used to predict rental demand in different regions, which can help real estate investors make informed decisions about which properties they want to buy and their theoretical profitability.

Why choose Innovatiana?

Outsourcing that makes sense and has impact

We claim an ethical outsourcing model. We refuse the crowdsourcing proposed by most of our competitors. We invest in the development of our Malagasy employees to guarantee upskilling and continuity of the teams working on our clients' Use Cases

Ethical Outsourcing icon

Ethical outsourcing

We refuse the so-called"crowdsourcing" practices: we create stable and valued jobs to offer you Outsourcing that has meaning and impact as well as transparency about the origin of the Data used for AI.

An inclusive model

We recruit our own team in Madagascar and train them in Data Processing and Labeling techniques for AI. We offer them a fair salary, good working conditions and career development opportunities.

Proximity icon

A proximity management

All the tasks entrusted to us are steered by an English-speaking and French-speaking Manager: your privileged contact. He mobilizes a team of Data Labelers to meet your objectives, and proposes a realistic deadline.

Competitive rate icon

Competitive rates

We offer flexible conditions, for a pricing adapted to your stakes and to your means. We charge by the job (example: "label 50,000 images with bounding boxes"): no subscription, no set-up fees.

Our customers trust us

We have classified and categorized thousands of Real Estate ads in French and English. These projects allow our clients to extract information from a multitude of texts whose quality is often perfectible, to extract market trends.

We have reviewed thousands of images posted on online ad sites to detect information that is not included in the text of the ads (for example: a swimming pool is visible in the photos but not mentioned in the text accompanying the ad).

We annotated thousands of real estate advertisement texts with precise labels, creating relations between these labels, for the purpose of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model. An AI model was trained with these data, with excellent results!

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Fuel your AI models with High Quality Training Data!